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-What are the ingredients in LiLu Lip Balm?

We create our lip balm in small batches, using only the highest quality ingredients. Our formula includes coconut oil, beeswax, sweet almond oil, avocado oil, castor seed oil, polyhydroxystearic acid*, and iron oxide** (Red 21 45380).

*A plant-based emulsifier that helps keep ingredients blended.
**Iron oxides are cosmetic pigments that originate from natural minerals and are considered both synthetic and mineral when refined.

-How much lip balm comes with my necklace?

Each package of our LiLu Lip Balm Necklace includes 8 refills, each containing 3 grams of lip balm. This is slightly less than a typical tube of lip balm, which contains 4 grams.

-What else is included?

Your LiLu Lip Balm Necklace with chain comes beautifully packaged and includes 8 refills in your choice of color: Radiant Red, Berry Blush, Perfect Pink, or Simple Shimmer Clear. Alternatively, you can choose our Two Minute Easy DIY Kit.

-Can I return my purchase?

We want you to LOVE your necklace. But if you're not pleased, we are happy to assist you with your return.  Email for instructions.