Lip balm in beautiful necklaces

For color and hydration at your fingertips.

Because being without your lip balm happens way too often...

And it doesn't have to be this way.

Instead, just reach for your necklace. 

We're balm lovers too, and we care about your lips


How to order your necklace- prices start at $38


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We want you to be happy

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"I honestly don't think I've ever loved a lip care product this much.  Having my lips feel nice is great.  Some days I use the balm alone, and somedays I use the clear balm over my lipstick- either way, I love it." 

Hannah, Rockville, MD

"I used to catch myself in the mirror and wish I had my tinted lip balm with me.  Now, I always do." 

Maile, Los Angeles, CA

"The red and pink balm really give a lot of color.  I also use the clear balm over my lipstick which is a nice way to keep it fresh looking." 

Tami, Seattle, WA