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Refillable lip balm necklaces. Yes.

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To make your own refills, grab our reusable DIY kit.  It's easy, quick, and kind of fun. 

LiLu Besties

A new way to keep lip balm at your fingertips. Comes with refills.


Retractable ID badge with LiLu Bestie and refills.

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No more digging in your purse or backpack.  Keep it easy to get to in a LiLu Bestie

You'll love how your lips look & feel.

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"I honestly don't think I've ever loved a lip care product this much.  Having my lips feel nice is great.  Some days I use the balm alone, and somedays I use the clear balm over my lipstick- either way, I love it." 

Hannah, Rockville, MD

"I used to catch myself in the mirror and wish I had my tinted lip balm with me.  Now, I always do." 

Maile, Los Angeles, CA

"The red and pink balm really give a lot of color.  I also use the clear balm over my lipstick which is a nice way to keep it fresh looking." 

Tami, Seattle, WA