Cosette 14K Gold Necklace and Lip Balm Pearls® Assortment. Special Order Limited Edition Christmas 2018

Regular price $ 2,200.00

Special order this Cosette 14K Gold to elevate a simple pleasure into a truly beautiful experience.  Your LILU 14K gold necklace is elegant, with an understated beauty and a hidden secret- beautiful lip balm nestled inside.

Whether you use LILU over your favorite lip care or make LILU your go-to cosmetic, you won't want to leave home without it.

LILU Lip Balm Pearls use natural and organic ingredients, without scent or color, to improve lip health.  And healthy lips are beautiful lips.  

LILU 14K Gold is hand-cast with a beautiful, lustrous sheen.  It opens and closes quickly, easily and securely.  And the feel of your jewelry in your hands is luxurious, so each time you freshen your lips is an enjoyable experience. 

Your necklace comes pre-loaded with a Simple Shimmer Balm Pearl® and is packaged in an organza-style pouch and sustainable matte-finished box.  The packaging is made of 100% recycled boxboard and includes a 100% recycled eco-fiber non-tarnishing white synthetic cotton fill.

An eco-friendly assortment pack of 4 additional Lip Balm Pearls, in a variety of colors, is also included with your purchase.

LILU is clean, green, and committed to providing beauty care with healthful ingredients.

We are proud to announce that our products won COSMOPROF 2018 Innovation-Prestige Award