LILU Lip Balm Pearls® Refills for LILU Jewelry

 LILU Lip Balm uses natural and organic ingredients that nourish. 

Choose Radiant Red, Simple Shimmer, Berry Blush, Perfect Pink, Deep Coral, Deep Pink, Merlot and Cabernet

Every time you reach for your beautiful necklace, you will know you are doing more than making your lips look pretty, you will be protecting and hydrating your lips.  

Our supplier has all of these designations

Why haven't you seen this product before?  It is all about our patented Lip Balm Pearl®

LILU Lip Balm Pearls® are soft inserts that hold lip balm and fit into LILU refillable jewelry.

Our first colors are Simple Shimmer, Radiant Red, Perfect Pink, Berry Blush, Deep Coral Pink, Merlot, Cabernet, & Bright Pink  with more colors coming soon.    Your necklace comes with an assortment pack containing Perfect Pink, Radiant Red, Berry Blush and Simple Shimmer.

And to make our refills as eco-friendly as possible, we package them in paper-based cylinders.  These tubes are actually fun to use and can be easily re-purposed for other uses when empty! 

Organic and natural ingredients.  Cruelty free.  Sustainable packaging.